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Clinical Psychologist

~helping you feel better, quickly



Are you looking for a different kind of doctor? One who 'gets' where you are coming from, who leaves the judging to others, and who helps you get to work on the important stuff? Someone who is skilled but also real, relateable, and results-oriented?

I'm a psychologist who cares about helping my patrons get better as quickly as possible.  I don't sit behind a desk and talk at you.  I listen in order to develop a deep understanding of how to help you best.​ Then, I help.

​I specialize in  parenting consultations you can feel good about, as well as the treatment of adults and adolescents with depression, trauma, and history of narcissistic abuse.  I treat many of Kingston and region's physicians who themselves need care.  I use talk-based methods to help. 


I *love* my job - I get to help people get un-stuck and get back to living more fully and happily.

171021-044330 Kingston Fall MInis 0921
171021-044330 Kingston Fall MInis 0921
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Dr. Kris Boksman, Psychologist

Suite 409 - 800 Princess Street

Kingston, ON  K7L 5E4

Tel: 613-877-4148

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